Skybox #001
Variablemedia group show - London
20th - 22nd June 2003

Skybox #001
Installation: scissors,pritt,table,chair,skybox printouts

Installation views, people constructing skyboxes at the exhibition and Michelle and Simon, who are Variablemedia.

VM.01 was a group show of artists who had worked with Variablemedia. The show was held at the Hoxton Distillery in East London; a tiny gallery above a pub. My part of the show was a table with the materials to make skyboxes.

Skybox #001 was an artifact from the Staying in to Play residency - a 90 day Variablemedia project in which i set out to make a 3D first -person video game space. Part of the process of making a 3D environment is to make a skybox - a box with sky textures on its inside, that is positioned around the current view camera and which is always drawn last in the rendering to give the impression of being behind the buildings, landscape etc. If you can imagine being 'in' the videogame, you would always have this skybox over your head.

For Skybox #001, I recreated the game skybox from Staying in to Play and printed it out on photopaper as a cut and fold construction - the participant then made their own skybox.

Technically the box should be made with the images on the inside - a contained world, blank on the outside, but some of the constructors at the show insisted on making the box 'inside out' rendering the skybox useless but allowing them to see the sky when the box was completed.

You can download, print, cut-out and stick together your own skybox:

Download Skybox pdf (172K)








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