John Paul Bichard






ISEA 2004, the international Electronic Art Biennalle, took place on a ferry, moving between the Baltic capitals ofTallinn, Stockholm and Helsinki.

This game was commissioned for the event as aprt of the ICOLS Arms Fair. Passenger were invited to particpate in a game where winning was not necessarily the most favourable outcome:


To mark the ICOLS Arms Fair, you are invited to attempt to sink the ISEA ferry armed only with small arms and a speedboat packed with high explosives on a three minute timer.

By participating, you become not only the protagonist, but, if you successfully carry out your task, one of the victims of this 'terror' attack.

Alert condition is RED and you have changed the status of the ISEA ferry to that of 'terror target'.



Click on the logo or here to launch Condition Red

Check back for updates.