After 9 days of war in iraq, i feel that i need to do something to express my feelings of sadness and helplessness at what is happening and my shame as a citizen of one of the agressor nations.

This is my way of reflecting on the violence that continues in iraq.

Until the war in iraq ends and all involved cease to be subjected to the savage consequences of war, I will endeavour not to shave my face and post a photo to this site every day.

This may be seen by some as a futile act, to which i have no argument except that i have yet to hear one genuine reason that justifies the loss of even one life. I see it rather as a constant reminder to myself and those around me that our lives are relatively safe - i will not be kept at home day and night by a constant barrage of munitions, my house will not be destroyed by a stray missile or occupied by troops, neither will i go without food, water or medicine.

This protest is neither anti-american nor anti-iraqi - my plea is to the men of violence - cease hostilities and act with reason, humility and compassion.

This white page, a symbol of death, is in rememberance of all those, regardles of status or nationality, who have been killed or injured throughout this conflict.

John Paul Bichard

Saturday 29th March 2003



Friday 4th April 2003

I hear the war is being 'won' - but what will constitute victory? I still feel that we have failed a fundamental principle in taking up arms and submitting to open aggression.

Just thinkwhen a report proudly announces that 600 iraqi troops have been killed that is another 600 people that just died today - blown to bits - lets just hope that you in your safe european or american home never have to take up arms and defend your street, shopping centre or airport or perhaps you would just be one of 600 dead in another news report in another time.


* 15th April 2003

Well the troops have gone from "Killing to Kissing"apparently - what an arrogant, patronising conclusion to this sickening farce - some liberation - the dead Iraqis, the dead soldiers on both sides, the evisceration of Iraqi society, the destruction of the museums and libraries - life, society and culture sacrificed in the name of democracy and liberation. Lets not forget that the coalition is not a charity and this war was not about improving the lot of the iraqi populace - War is never joined unless power and wealth are at stake - this war is no different - whether the motivation was oil, revenge for 9/11, a search for WMDs or a global show of US might, it matters little - the past weeks have been an appaling tragedy that will never, in my mind, be justified.

Easter Monday - 21st April 2003

Jay Garner has taken up the role of occupying administrator - the search for WDMs continues, still searching for the full deck of cards and too slowly, the electricity and water are returning. I hope the iraqi people see a swift end to occupation and a rapid recovery and regeneration of their nation.

To all the detractors and those who criticised my protest - i did what i felt i could sustain in light of my feelings of dismay and frustration - to all those who were supportive - thank you and keep fighting injustice.

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