Inverse Forensics [2]
Armchair, three shots
[Evidência #003c]


Audience and Avatar
Contemporary Art Museum, Tampa

Sire specific installation featuring previous collaborations with
Johan Strandahl, Mira Mutka and the music of Edwin Morris

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Armchair, three shots
Installation - reclining armchair, corn syrup blood, monitor, industrial lights, police tape, Inverse Forensics DVD (Evidencia #003), Severed hand (wax sculpture, Evidencia #003a)

John Paul Bichard (featuring previous colaborative works with Johan Strangahl, Edwin Morris and Mira Mutka)

Special thanks to: Don Fuller, Dr Patricia Waterman, David Waterman, Peter Foe, Tom Pruitt and Alexa Favata

Armchair, three shots follows in the Evidencia and more recent Inverse Forensics series of works that explore both our culutural relationship to fictionalised violence as well as an assumed absence of consequence in game worlds. In reconstructing a violent murder scene, the work inverts the process of forensic investigation, through careful fabrication of the scene from disparate but connected elements.

As with previous works in the series, the installation draws on both mass media consumerist symbols and structures of entertainment and violence. In this part, there are stronger references to local resources and attitudes. Corn syrup, the recliner armchair, the shotgun and TV are all strong symbolic elements in American contemporary culture, all readily accessible and literaly loaded with meaning.

Unlike previous works that explored a negotiated place between reality and the game, armchair, three shots moves into a more specific domestic constructed interior to pick at the border between fiction and reality, provoking our normative expectations. The absent player/viewer takes centre stage, only implied by their remains and the game they engage with is referenced in the documentary evidence of a former performance. In doing so, the game is two degrees removed from the 'player/viewer', but the new game consequences are brought directly into the gallery viewers frame of reference.

'Inverse Forensics [2] - Armchair, three shots' was created for the Audience and Avatar exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida, Tampa. The installation features two works from the original Inverse Forensics performance that was commissioned and first shown at Mejan Labs - Stockholm in August / September 2007 as part of the Game Art exhibition curated by Björn Norberg and Peter Hagdahl. Inverse Forensics has toured Sweden showing in Bildmuseet, Umeå and Kulturens Hus, Luleå.

To date a total of three Severed Hands have been cast and constructed by artist Johan Strandahl, Stockholm following the destruction of the original.


Audience and Avatar

Audience & Avatar brings together an international group of artists who explore diverse ways in which videogames, game culture, technology and psychology influence participation and representation of the viewer in art. The exhibition, curated by Don Fullae, includes a wide range of media—digital painting, digital photography, photography, video, custom self-running games, and sculpture—exploring the tension between virtual space and real space, between game space and art space. Artists include: John Paul Bichard, Damiano Colacito, Jon Haddock, Eva and Franco Mattes (a.k.a. 0100101110101101.ORG), Eddo Stern and Phillip Toledano. Audience & Avatar also includes Modifications, a project gallery with new work by Brody Condon.





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