Quadrum Gallery Lisbon
Installation and photographic prints
18th September - 30th October 2004

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Evidência #001
Installation: aluminium, turf, tree stump, earth, leaves, feathers, bullet cases. 2004

Evidência takes as its starting point, an ending; a forensic space, a place in which remains and material take on new significance. From the objects and images, there are no definite conclusions, no clear narratives, just the threads of something that could have happened. The viewer is invited in, but in doing so enters the scene to witness part… of a crime, a conflict, a game?

For his second exhibition at Quadrum, Bichard has (re)constructed a forensic space, a small plot of land which is at once the scene of a crime and a fragment of a first person shooter videogame made ‘real’. As a forensic space, it becomes a clipping, a piece of evidence removed from its original surroundings, as a games space, it is a trope, a snapshot of a brief violent action that would be lost as the player moves on to the next encounter.

Unremarkable Disasters
Digital photographic print on UV coated semi-gloss paper 2004 – (#2,#3,#4,#5,#6) 100cmx34 cm - edition 9

Accompanying the installation are 5 photographic collage prints from the Unremarkable Disasters series. Devoid of people, these scenarios play silent witness to events, real or imagined, inviting to viewer to draw on their memory of place and object to evoke a story, reconstruct a narrative and in doing so construct their own unremarkable disaster.

1st Edition 2004 - 54 Packs of 52 Identical Playing cards sealed in police evidence bags.

Playing on notions of evidence, authenticity and value, Deck is an edition of 54 packs of playing cards (this first edition produced for the show Evidencia). Each pack containing 52 identical mint condition casino cards, that have only been handled by the artist. The cards are covered in the artists fingerprints, evidence that they have been tampered with, rearranged so that each card in the deck has the same face value ie: 52 x ace of spades, 52 x 9 of diamonds. Packs are sealed in police evidence bags, labelled and given a monetary value based on the card value, the number of packs remaining and the arbitrary significance of the card, assigned by the artist. This value is retained until the bag is opened at which time the evidence is rendered useless, the pack worthless.






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